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Get Rid of Meal
Planning, &

Discover How to Cook
Easy, Healthy, and Quick Plant-based Greek Meals inside of …
"Healthy Lazy Cooking the Greek Way"

If you could know...

... what to cook, without having to search, prep, or buy a new pantry for every recipe

… would you give yourself that chance?

Or would you keep on…

🚫 Getting bored with eating the same things and being stuck in a routine because you don’t have a large repertoire

🚫 Trying to do meal plan & prep, but then, life goes in the way, so your plan goes out of the window

🚫 Searching for recipes, and then, realize that it takes forever to make, or you need ingredients you don’t have

🚫 Spending time & energy to make decisions and figure out what to prepare & shop

🚫 Eating animal products, even though you know all the benefits of the plant-based diet

Luckily, you can avoid all this:
Inside this live group coaching & learning program

You’ll explore how to cook
Greek plant-based foods in a lazy & healthy way

Here’s why I know you need this.

Pelagia Komni

I know you are fed up of having to search for recipes that are not complicated and do not take forever to make. Eating healthy is a priority for you but it takes a lot of energy to do the research and find the right stuff, and that creates a mental load. You are bored of the planning and organization pieces but you wonder “what to make again this week?!” You need to eat every single day, after all, lol!

And I totally feel you because I am a lazy, unorganized and busy foodie who loves food but also loves convenience, and ease.

I went from the seafoodie who was bored to cook to the vegan foodie who was shocked to see how fun and creative cooking can be! I was so impressed (and impatient to relive my past food memories) that I studied to become a vegan Chef!

I know, now, how you can have your (vegan) souvlaki and eat it, too!

Greek cooking is the easiest way to prepare healthy plant-based meals
(without trading taste for health)!

You know already that the Mediterranean diet is among the best worldwide.

Let’s learn how to create authentic Greek meals and veganize those initially made with animal products, so you enjoy their healthier & yummier version.

And all this without having to plan and prepare like crazy!

LEAVE the “Healthy Lazy Cooking the Greek Way” Program

✓ Create easy & healthy plant-based Greek meals. You already love this colorful, healthy, and comfy cuisine!

✓ Have meal inspiration because you will be introduced to new flavors, healthy plant-based options, and food combinations!

✓ Have a larger recipe repertoire and know what to cook without having to search for recipes!

✓ Create your own recipes and meals, based on what you have learned!

✓ No longer meal prep and plan!!

✓ A System that gives you More Free Time & Peace of Mind!

Get Ready For Your Greek Plant-based Food Paradise…




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What is the difference between this program and the info I find on Internet for free?

Our audience ALWAYS mention convenience, gain of time and “no decisions to make”.

The truth is you can find anything you want online for free. But how much time do you want to spend on searching & deciding?

If you have unlimited time & energy, then, go ahead!

If on the other hand, you want a systematized approach combined with culinary knowledge and Greek inspiration then, this program is the right for for you!

What will I receive when I purchase this program in terms of email content?

You’ll receive a first confirmation email, and then, a second one with a few details.

Please note that you’ll not receive the entire content at once.
Different content will be released each week.

On February 6th, you'll receive the email with all the information regarding the content, the community, and any other essential info for you to start!

I’m not fully available during these 5 weeks. Can I still benefit if I join? Can I join after March 12th?

You can purchase the program until February, 1st. We offer you lifetime access to everything – apart from the Facebook community (which will be archived) and the live support.

After February 1st, you will not be able to join because we will focus on the live support for 5 weeks, from February 6th to March 12th.

We don’t know yet if and when we will run again this program.

I have purchased your cooking classes (gyros, moussaka, melomakarona).
Is it the same content?


The cooking classes are a complete class whereas this program has bite-sized videos.

Plus, we won’t have these recipes inside this program.

How many meal ideas & recipes will you share inside this program and in which format?

We will share 10 Greek recipes in total.

But it's not only that!
We will also show you how to re-use some of these ingredients for other preparations (Greek or from other cuisines).

If for instance, you need tomato paste for one meal, we’ll show you how to use the rest for another recipe.

They will be in written format, and if it’s something that we consider important to show you on video, we’ll add very quick videos as well.

I saw you mentioned "introductory price".
What do you mean?

We offer this program at a bomb, introductory price and if we continue to offer it again in the future, we’ll most probably raise the price or will remove parts of it because it’s worth MUCH MORE than 97 euros!!!

However, consider yourself lucky because you’re among the first ones to grab it at this special price!

With all this amazing content & real-time support!

Do you provide any refunds?

No refunds but in case something happens and you cannot join the program, we offer you the possibility to transfer your access to someone else.

Just to be sure that we are on the same page 😉:
by “transfer” we mean that you won’t have access to the program, because you give it to somebody else.

You can transfer your access to someone else BEFORE the program begins, on February 6th.

I have another question. How can I contact you?

Send us an email at