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Become a Confident Vegan!

Confused about how to start the vegan lifestyle or create delicious and balanced vegan meals?

You know deep in your heart that eating a cow or a pig is no different than eating a dog or a cat. You really want to change your lifestyle and become a vegan, but you feel confused.

How to abandon all the tastes you have loved and enjoyed your entire life? And what about protein or calcium? Or even, what to eat when you dine out or have dinner with non-vegans?


And if you're already a vegan, you still need help and inspiration about your meals. Because let's be honest. Food is much more than a basic need!


And vegan meals can be delicious, balanced, and healthy!


You're just a step away from creating and enjoying vegan food beauties!

👉 This Coaching gives everyone the roadmap! 👈

Choose your 1 on 1 Coaching!

1 on 1 Coaching

Get personalized coaching, adapted to your own needs and goals.

Goals & Plan

Let’s define what you really want, create a plan to achieve it, and receive exact advice along the way!

Coaching Areas

Everything you need to LOVE your vegan lifestyle including how to cook a delicious Greek moussaka!

Get 1-1 Vegan Coaching

To Remove the Confusion and Get You Eating Yummy & Healthy Fast!

The Vegan Foodie Coaching
- Single Session -

77 Euros

What’s included:

Get Quick Feedback to Your Vegan Questions & Challenges

📞 This is a 45-minute customized Zoom session.

Examples of goals to discuss in 45 minutes:
✔️ Any specific problems or challenges you have about vegan meals, or
✔️ Any tips I can give you about weekly meal plans.

You'll walk away with quick tips and strategies to apply as a result of this session.

The Confident
Vegan Foodie Coaching
- The Fast Track -

277 Euros

What’s included:

Become a Confident Vegan Foodie - The Fast Track

📞 These are four 45-minute customized Zoom sessions to be completed over a one-month span.

Examples of goals to achieve in these sessions:
✔️ Create a weekly meal plan that fits your food preferences and time constraints.
✔️ Organize your pantry to save time and money.

You'll walk away with a detailed plan and strategies to achieve your vegan goals!

The Confident
Vegan Foodie Coaching
- The Advanced Track -

667 Euros

What’s included:

Become a Confident Vegan Foodie - The Advanced Track

📞 These are nine customized Zoom Sessions completed over a 3-month span.
One 60-minute session
Eight 45-minute sessions
📧 Email Support

Examples of goals to achieve in these sessions:
✔️ Go more in depth with your vegan goals and get concrete advice!
✔️ One 1-1 cooking Zoom session! Let's create this delicious vegan moussaka or other yummy Greek vegan beauties!

You'll walk away with a complete plan, strategies and cooking tips, so you enjoy your vegan journey to the maximum!

Let me coach you, so you know how to start and maintain the vegan lifestyle!

Who is your Coach?

Hey there!
My name is Pelagia Komni, and I am a Vegan Lifestyle Coach, a Vegan Recipes Creator, and a Vegan Chef Student (I’m graduating in a few months! 🎊).

I created with my sister, Mary, Greek Appetite, a food blog about Greece and Veganism. If you wonder, now, if we’re Greeks, yes, we’re! Greeks & foodies! 😉

Our love and passion for simple, healthy, and delicious foods that don't harm any animals is our motivation and mission.

But we were not always like that. The notions of "vegetarian" or "vegan" looked strange or incredibly difficult for a long time. Until we learned a few things...

And we are sharing those things and much more that we have been learning the last 8 years, by transitioning from omnivores (eating everything) to vegetarians, and then, to vegan.

If you are an open-minded, curious foodie who wants to get informed and make better decisions, this personalized Coaching is for you.

Let me coach you, so you know how to start and maintain the vegan lifestyle!

Pelagia & Mary Komni from Greek Appetite


In which language can I get the Coaching sessions?

We can talk in Greek, French, or English.

I have medical problems. Can I still join your Coaching sessions?

I am not a nutritionist or a medical expert, so I cannot give you any specialized advice of that sort.

This Coaching is about the vegan lifestyle and vegan cooking, techniques, tips, meal plan, etc.

Do you have any other questions?
Send us an email at

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