Pelagia and Mary Komni

So if you hear the words “Greek food” and the images of roasted lamb come to your mind, it’s not really your fault, but it’s not the authentic Greek cuisine either.

The traditional Greek cuisine is mainly plant-based thanks to geographical, cultural, financial, and religious reasons.

It’s only during the last decades that Greeks started to neglect the authentic Greek diet which is based on fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and legumes, and over-consume animal products.

And that’s why non-Greeks have no idea about the real Greek dishes!! 🤯

We (Mary & Pelagia Komni) discovered this while living in Brussels (Belgium) and decided to fix it! 😉

Pelagia has even studied to become a trained vegan Chef to more effectively help foodies (like you ;-)) who want to prepare delicious and healthy daily meals without spending hours in the kitchen.

We have created digital products and services to help you cook in a smart and effective way (i.e. lazy healthy cooking) and give you the tools and knowledge to create your own Mediterranean & Greek nutritious and delicious foods wherever you are located in the world!

Our digital cookbook “Eat Like A Greek Vegan” (even if you’re not one!)

Instantly available on your email box in English, French, or Greek, it’s the perfect way to get familiar with delicious, easy, and healthy Greek recipes!

Are you the foodie who wants more?

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