Let’s Prepare Greek Vegan Meals!

For foodies who want to explore and discover authentic Greek plant-based meals, tips and techniques.

WITH the Trained Vegan Chef & Food Blogger of Greek Appetite
Pelagia Komni

Authentic Greek plant-based meals are yours (even if you’re not Greek, a vegan, or a Chef)…

If you could explore something different, healthy (but also tasty), like Greek vegan meals and mezze, while also learning cooking tips and techniques…

…would you give yourself that opportunity?

Or would you keep on…

🚫 Wanting to try Greek Mediterranean meals, but thinking “I don’t know how to do that”, I don’t even have the ingredients, BUT I love that food…

🚫 Going to Greek restaurants, trying some plant-based meals and dips, and thinking that’s all we have in Greece!

Luckily, you can avoid all this:

Inside these virtual cooking experiences

you’ll discover traditional Greek plant-based meals (you know, moussaka is even better in its plant-based version!) with easy, affordable ingredients + cooking tips & techniques.

Testimonials for Our Cooking Classes

“Cooking class from the comfort of my home & Kitchen! Great experience to learn how to cook vegan Greek dishes! It is special also that it is a real class with the plenty of time to cook alongside and with many variations.”

Fotini Natsi

“Pelagia was a delight in the kitchen. Her welcoming energy was encouraging even though we were not familiar with the cuisine nor the fava dish from Greece. The flavor and simplicity of the recipe surprisingly was full of big flavor. I’m looking forward to learning again from Pelagia and Greek Appetite”

Mary Seguin, maryseguinfoodstylist.com

“Having a plant based diet this Greek Fava dish fits in perfectly with what I eat. Pelagia demonstrated extremely well, step by step, just how to make it. It was very clear to follow and understand. I have made the dish since and it is delicious. I would definitely recommend Pelagia’s classes to anyone who enjoys cooking whether they are a beginner or more experienced cook.”

Marie Stevens, linktr.ee/mariethechef

Here’s why I know you need this.

I’m the foodie who went from loving seafood and being bored to cook in her 20s to the foodie who was stunned to see that cooking can be fun and even more when it’s plant-based (yes, there are foods out there that I had no clue they existed!), so I was trained to become a vegan Chef!

I know you want to eat delicious foods that are vegan and Greek not only because you know that the Mediterranean diet is among the best worldwide, but also because what you eat in restaurants outside Greece IS NOT the authentic Greek cuisine.

Leave each of our virtual cooking classes with massive knowledge and confidence to:

Explore authentic Greek recipes & meals – if you think you know Greek vegan meals, then, get ready to surprise yourself, your family and friends! It’s a fact: we don’t eat only tzatziki and tarama in Greece! 😉

Recreate tastes you think were not possible to enjoy again – yes to tasty foods that exclude animal products and suffering, and no to feelings of overwhelm and what to eat again!

Cook with simple, natural, and affordable ingredients – you want simplicity without spending a fortune on your vegan groceries.

Experiment with plant-based cooking & techniques – it’s much easier than you think! You’ll learn basic and advanced stuff to create delicious food.

Cook smarter, not harder! – learn how to use the same food in different recipes without extra work.

Ready to get this unique experience and enjoy delicious Greek plant-based meals?

Join our virtual cooking class and let us bring Greece to your dish!

Let’s Cook Greek Vegan Moussaka!

recorded experience – Get it instantly!
Greek Gyros - Cooking Class

Let’s Cook Greek Vegan gyros!

recorded experience – Get it instantly!

Let’s Cook Greek Vegan Christmas Cookies!

recorded experience – Get it instantly!

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m not a vegan, can I still get registered for the classes?

Yes, if you want to explore traditional Greek foods that you can prepare with animal-free ingredients (so, no meat, dairy, fish, honey)!

Are the ingredients easy to find?

Yes, unless you live in the Arctic or another area with no access to fresh vegetables, fruits, or legumes, spices, etc.

The ingredients we use are pretty common, and affordable.

Are the meals gluten-free?

I explicitly mention when it’s gluten-free.

I am a beginner in cooking. Can I still join you?

Sure, you can!

are these cooking experiences pre-recorded or live?

Unless explicitly mentioned, there are pre-recorded.

And we send you the video and the recipe guide by email 💙.

Find more recipes in our digital cookbook “Eat Like A Greek Vegan”!