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The team of Greek Appetite - Pelagia & Mary Komni
The team of Greek Appetite

Do you like cooking?

Were you always a vegan or a vegetarian?

And what about your favorite foods? Are they meat or seafood?

Let’s take a deep breath and reveal to you that:

  • While Mary always enjoyed cooking, Pelagia was super bored to even prepare pasta!
  • What do you mean “vegan”? I LOVE my shrimps! And let’s not forget souvlaki! We’re Greeks, after all!
  • My goodness, I cannot even think eating pasta without feta!

These sentences come from our own mouth, a few years ago.

It’s hard to believe but…

We’re two Greek sisters that went from eating everything (Mary always loved meat, and Pelagia seafood) to watching a few videos and photos, to getting ashamed by our eating habits, and to eventually, going vegetarian (Mary) and vegan (Pelagia).

The strangest thing of all of that?

We thought it would be a sacrifice!

Because let’s admit it! WE LOVE FOOD!

And then, we discovered something amazing:

Vegan food doesn’t mean less. It actually means more! More pleasure, discovery, and health (well, this of course depends on what you eat!)

That’s why Pelagia studied for 2 years to become a trained vegan Chef!

Crazy, right?!

Get ready to

💙 explore all these delicious plant-based flavors with a Greek twist not only because we’re Greeks but also because you know all the health benefits of the Mediterranean diet!

💙 learn from our own experience and knowledge!

💙 prepare easy, yummy, and healthy vegan (Greek) meals (even if you’re not a vegan, a Chef, or Greek!)


Do you live in Greece?

We are from Thessaloniki but we live in Brussels (with as many trips as possible back to Greece!)

I love what I’m eating and I’m not sure if I want to go vegan. Are your recipes right for me?

Sure they are! Unless you don’t eat vegetables, fruits, legumes, grains, and nuts! We hope you do! For your health!!

What if I don’t have a lot of time to cook?

Welcome to the “busy foodies club!”

Seriously! You don’t need a lot of time, money, or anything else to enjoy plant-based meals! Have a look at our blog recipes and our digital cookbook “Eat Like A Greek Vegan” (available in English, French, or Greek)!

Sometimes, I feel I don’t want to follow recipes… Am I doomed?!

You know the old saying: For every problem, there is a solution!

We teach you exactly this inside our online program Healthy Lazy Cooking The Greek Way!

And if you want a much faster solution, head over to our short & bite-sized pre-recorded vegan workshops to upgrade your vegan cooking (yes, even if you’re not a vegan!) in a lazy way!

Grab them and get our step-by-step guide to eat easy, yummy, and healthy vegan foods!

Photo by Greek Appetite - Giants beans (gigantes)
Giant beans (gigantes)

Do you accept sponsorships or partnerships?

Absolutely! As long as we love the vegan product/experience and the persons behind the brand!

Feel free to send us an email at info@greekappetite.com

Wait… Is Greek Appetite also a shop?

It was, in the past!

We were crazy enough to decide to launch our e-shop in 2017 to support small Greek producers and promote their exquisite and original products (97% vegan & 3% vegetarian (honey)). Our love for Greece and our passion to promote in Belgium a Greek gastronomy completely different helped us keep our business for 3 years. Unfortunately, we decided to shut down the retail in March 2020 and concentrate on other ways to share what we know and love.

The creation of this blog and other initiatives we prepare are a few of them!

Pelagia & Mary Komni