Digital Gift Cards

Do you want to offer an original gift but don’t know what exactly?

Purchase one or one more of our digital gift cards and receive a unique code by email!

Plus specifically:

  1. Choose the amount and the number of the digital gift card(s).
  2. Purchase it.
  3. Get two email from us:
    • the first one is automated and you can reply back if you want us to send the digital gift card(s) to a specific email(s).
    • the second one is the gift card with a unique code (in email & PDF format) to purchase products of the value you bought/received. If the value of the gift card is inferior to the value of the product(s) you want to buy, e-mail us with what you want and we’ll send you the product(s) and the remaining amount as a voucher-code to use for anything else you want to get.

The unique code is valid to use on our site for 6 months from the date of purchase.

Digital Gift Card 15 USD
Digital Gift Card 30 USD
Digital Gift Card 60 USD