Delicious Vegan Desserts at Pasalidis Patisserie

If you love sweets, then we have a great address with many vegan options for you!

Pasalidis Patisserie in our beloved Thessaloniki offers a big variety of delicious, high-quality, and light desserts that will satisfy your sweet tooth.

Pasalidis Patisserie (Greece)

It’s not 100% vegan but you will find a lot of vegan options like ice cream, red velvet cake, snickers, lemon pie and many more. Don’t miss Trigono Panoramatos, one of the city’s most iconic desserts! This delicious dessert made with phyllo and cream comes from Panorama (a suburb) and it’s not traditionally vegan. Pasalidis, however, managed to create its vegan version and it’s mouth-watering! It really has nothing to envy from the traditional one.

In terms of prices, all the options are affordable and I did not notice any difference compared to non-vegan sweets.

Trigono Panoramatos
Vegan desserts

Every time we return to our city, we make sure to visit this patisserie at least once and enjoy flavors that we thought we would never taste again.

Last time, I had chosen banoffee pie for my birthday, and black forest cake for my husband’s birthday.

Banoffee pie
Black forest cake

Both cakes were very fresh, light and delicious. I noticed that they are also available in individual portions, so you can try many different flavors.

Apart from these, I have also tried the chocolate mousse, trigono, praline-hazelnut dessert, profiteroles, and two filled croissants (pistachio and cherry) that I enjoyed with my coffee.

Fortunately, the croissants were not like “air”, like the ones I find abroad where I don’t really understand when I ate them?!

The filling and the flavors were original and a croissant was enough to fill you up.

All the options were appreciated by non-vegan people as well (our parents), so don’t hesitate to pay them a visit and to offer yourself and others delicious vegan sweets and ice cream as a gift!

They also offer special traditional desserts for Christmas, Easter (don’t forget to try their Easter sweets, classic or with chocolate coating!)

Send us photos and comments about the things you will try!

Where will you find it?

Address: Dimitriou 140, Thessaloniki

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