Rubik’s Superfood & Coffee: a delicious choice for vegans and not only!

This year we finally made the decision to make our first trip after a difficult year due to covid. And of course, we chose our homeland, Greece, and more specifically Thessaloniki to visit our parents!

The White Tower of Thessaloniki

Perhaps you don’t know that Thessaloniki is famous for its good food and numerous restaurants and cafes! So we could not miss the opportunity to go to the center and enjoy a good vegan meal. Despite the heat, we went to eat at Rubik’s, as I had heard many positive comments.

Rubik’s Superfood & Coffee

Rubik’s Superfood & Coffee

It is a modern vegan-friendly coffee shop and restaurant with healthy and delicious food. They create mouth-watering dishes and sweets with organically grown ingredients, without sugar, fats, and preservatives!

In the quiet pedestrian street of Georgiou Theochari, in the city center, you can enjoy wonderful coffee, smoothies, buddha bowls, sweets, main dishes, or your cocktail!

Pedestrian street of Georgiou Theochari

What I chose

I got one of the buddha bowls which had falafel, a whole-wheat tortilla, roasted pepper cream, red cabbage sauerkraut, vegetable sticks, seed mix, yellow sauce with coconut yogurt and tahini, and a mix of green vegetables.

The quantity was quite satisfying, the ingredients fresh and delicious and the price more than reasonable (the same goes for the other dishes on the menu)!

Buddha bowl with falafel

Do you know the Buddha bowls?

In case you have not already tried them, a Buddha bowl is a vegetarian or vegan complete meal that consists of small amounts of macronutrients such as carbohydrates (quinoa, brown rice, potatoes, etc.), protein (legumes, tofu), vegetables, and fat (nuts, avocados, etc.).

For dessert, although I was not hungry anymore, I couldn’t resist the Ferrero cheesecake with cocoa and hazelnuts which I shared with my husband.

It was the first time I tried the vegan version and I was really impressed by its rich but not excessive taste!

Its base is made with royal dates and nuts and fluffy cashew cream. Instead of sugar, they use very little organic agave nectar. In the menu, there are other options such as açaí-strawberry, chocolate-strawberry, etc.

Ferrero cheesecake with cocoa and hazelnuts
Ferrero cheesecake with cocoa and hazelnuts

I look forward to tasting again the rest of Rubik’s vegan delicacies! If you visit it, we are waiting for your comments and photos.

Where will you find it?


Address: Theochari 5-7


Address: Patreos 92

Rubik’s Superfood & Coffee