Get our travel packing checklist and never forget things again!

Travel Packing Checklist

Have you ever left home for holidays and thought, “Oh, sh**t, I forgot to take this. And now, I have to go and search for a mini version of it… 😖”

Or what about not even remembering that you forgot it to only find it out minutes before going to bed in your hotel or Airbnb? 😥

If you’re like most people, you forget things to pack when traveling, and then, you have to go and buy stuff that might be even more expensive.

But there is no need to continue this happening. 😉

👉 Grab our digital travel packing checklist and check what to do, buy, or pack before traveling!

Is this for me?

We created this for people who love traveling but dislike forgetting their thermostat before leaving home, or having to buy a more expensive version of flip-flops just because they didn’t remember to add them in their suitcase.

Get our beautiful and practical travel packing checklist and never say again “Oh, no, I forgot it at home!”

Use our list and also fully customize it to your own needs!

What will I get?

Digital copy of the Travel Packing Checklist where you can find items to check

  • Before packing
  • When packing
  • Before traveling

Two formats are available

  • Google Sheets format (you must have a Google account to have access to it) to check or uncheck the pre-filled items or add your own.
  • PDF format where you find a PDF document of 13 pages with different categories, with pre-filled and blank space.

These are all instantly and digitally available when you purchase the list.

If you think you don’t need our travel packing list, think of all the future expenses you’ll save yourself from! 😉

So get it now! 😉


Get it asap and save money for real travel experiences!

Pricing is in US dollars. Google your currency conversion or see it directly just before confirming the payment.

Please note:

No refunds due to the nature of the product.