Useful guide for your holidays in Rhodes: the best places to visit (Part 2)

We hope you found the first part of our guide for your holidays in Rhodes interesting and useful! Let’s now see the best attractions of this island. Take notes and enjoy!

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Knights and Old Town

There’s no way you won’t fall in love with the Old Town. Cobbled alleys, knightly castles, Turkish buildings create a unique atmosphere, completely different from anything you have experienced until now.

Stroll through the Old Town, walk down Odos Ippoton (Knights Street), and reach the Mandraki port where you will see beautiful buildings such as the Bank of Greece, and more.

During the day, go see the two deers and the place where it’s believed that the giant statue of Colossus stood centuries ago.

Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights of Rhodes

If you have extra time or it’s very hot, you can visit the Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights located in the Old Town.

Apart from being majestic and imposing on the outside, its interior is also very interesting as it was restored in many parts by the Italians during the Mussolini era. Unfortunately a mess of many styles and eras mixed together has been done, but it’s still worth it.

Butterflies Valley

An amazing place and a perfect choice if it’s very hot, the Valley of Butterflies will enchant you with the hundreds of butterflies of the rare species Panaxia Quadripunctaria as well as the special crabs that have the imprint of the butterfly on them!

Wear comfortable shoes because you will be walking for at least 2 hours – we did it in 4 to enjoy every moment.


Beautiful place within an hour’s drive from the Old Town and which attracts a lot of people, not only from Rhodes but also from the nearby islands.

If you have a car, you are not allowed to take it inside Lindos, so park it outside the village (you will see many buses above), and walk down (the distance is very short).

Stroll through the alleys, drink something refreshing in the cafes-bars and then climb to the Acropolis to enjoy an amazing view.

Because of the extreme heat, we spent most of our day going from cafe to cafe, and in the afternoon we went up there.

If you have the opportunity, be careful not to go too late to Acropolis because it gets crowded and you might end up standing in line without going inside.

Filerimos Monastery

Nice excursion in the area of ​​Ialyssos where you will see dozens of beautiful peacocks, the Filerimos monastery, the Road of Golgotha made by the Italians, as well as a wonderful view of Rhodes.

View from Monte Smith

We took a walk in the archaeological site of the Acropolis, which if you have time, you can go out of curiosity.

In any case, don’t miss the view from the hill of Monte Smith (or hill of Agios Stefanos-St Stephen’s Hill), especially at sunset.

To get there, park in the area where you will find the Akropolis, walk up to the highway and cross the street.

Elafos and Elafina


If you have a car and it’s too hot, take a walk to these hotels which will make you feel like you are in Switzerland.

Built in the 1920s by the Italians, these buildings, together with the villa of Mussolini who wanted it for his summer vacations, are located at the top of Prophetis Ilias.

Elafos operates as a hotel while Elafina is half-demolished.

If you continue a little further down by car, you will find yourself in Campochiaro in Eleousa, which also has half-demolished buildings from the Mussolini era.

You can park in the square and walk to a tank with many different interesting fishes.


You will find a variety of beaches (small, large, sandy or pebbly) although the best ones are in the east of the island.

We loved the following ones:

Anthony Quinn
  • Tsambika – very nice and long sandy beach
  • Anthony Quinn – pay attention here because while the parking is the same, you can get confused and go to the opposite side where another beach is located (Plaka). She is also very beautiful but has nothing to do with the other side!!
  • Agia Agathi – if you want a free fish spa, go here. If you go into the sea and stay still, many small fish will gather and bite you. No idea what exactly is going on, but it’s a little scary!
  • Haraki – we didn’t go in but she looked very pretty
  • Traganou – nice long beach with pebbles
  • Kallithea Springs – there is a ticket which is for the seaside monument but you have to pay it even if you only go to the beach because you are passing by. Beautiful place but very small, and if you just want to swim and not sit on the sunbeds (extra charge), you can skip it.

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