Greek, Vegan, and Eco-friendly Shoes

We love and support Greek products and small businesses that create wonderful things despite these difficult times.

One of those companies is Yuta Shoes that designs and creates handmade shoes with vegan and eco-friendly materials.

In collaboration with Greek manufacturers, they propose not only very beautiful but also very comfortable shoes, combining elegance and quality!

We wanted to try them for a long time, first their beautiful sandals, and then, the other shoes, but each time something was happening and we neglected to place our order.

Finally, we ordered a pair of army boots which arrived in less than a week in Brussels where we live.

We loved them at first sight and when we tried them, we fell in love with them again! Elegant, very comfortable, soft, and of course, vegan and ecological! Plus, they are made in Greece, which is quite rare today.

Their prices are highly competitive and shipping costs are very reasonable for abroad (shipping in Greece is free).

At the moment they only have women’s shoes, but they are preparing to launch men’s sneakers as well!

Edit: They’ve just launched men’s sneakers!!

Visit their online shop and check out their collections! 😉