Saint Valentine’s Day: Lovers’ Day & Festive Menu

Who exactly was this Saint Valentine?

Information about Saint Valentine, the patron saint of lovers, is a bit confusing.

According to a legend, he was a priest in Rome who helped Christians, suffered martyrdom and was recognized as a saint by the Roman Catholic Church.

Is Saint Valentine’s Day a day of celebration and love or just another commercial trick?

Traditionally, February 14 has been established as the day when lovers celebrate and exchange love gifts: chocolates, flowers, etc.

On the other hand, however, there are many who see it as a commercial trick to push people to buy or go to the restaurant.

According to them, it’s not reasonable for lovers to show their love only on this special day and not every day and in practical ways.

Personally, I think the truth lies somewhere in the middle.

Of course, I firmly believe that couples should show their affection and mutual respect every day. To argue 364 days a year and have a pause on February 14th is not very healthy.

But what if we could treat this day like all the other special ones, e.g. name days, etc.?

To be honest, you could also think of it as another excellent opportunity to escape the routine, by creating a romantic ambiance with candles, flowers and most importantly, good food!!!

And since we are talking about good food, whether you are in love or not but you still want to celebrate this day in your own way, alone, with your partner, or friends, check out our 3-dishes menu below!

Saint-Valentine’s Menu

Tell us in the comments your thoughts about Saint-Valentine’s day and if you’ll celebrate it!

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